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What’s your movie style?

Everyone has their favorite movie style. Do you know what’s yours? Play to see what type of movies are perfect for you.

  • When going to the movie, you get disappointed when

    • There isn’t enough action
    • The movie is too suspenseful
    • It’s not scary enough
    • The ending is cheesy
  • If I wrote a movie it will be with

    • tones of special effects
    • a happy ending
    • a jaw dropping surprise
    • a complicated plot
  • My favorite movies…

    • Expose me to new places in the world
    • Give me a good mood
    • Scare my pants off
    • Keep me guessing ‘till the end
  • If I were a movie star, I would love to

    • Do my own stunts
    • Getting all dolled up for the red carpet
    • Become a new character each time
    • Tell interesting stories through my roles
  • When I grow up I want to be:

    • A professional athlete
    • An author
    • A stunt woman
    • A Private Investigator
  • Watching movies is fun in

    • A big theatre where the effects sound so real
    • A drive-in movie theater in the car
    • A small theater with a group of my besties
    • My home on the sofa
  • If I were to play in a movie my favorite role would be as

    • The heroin who makes it all happen
    • The charming & funny supporting actress
    • The beautiful clever villain
    • The sophisticated detective who solves the mystery
  • When the audience watch a movie I made they would

    • Clap and cheer when it ends
    • Hold back tears
    • Jump off their seat
    • Bite their nails with suspense
  • When there’s a movie I want to see I…

    • Organize a group of friends for an outing
    • Make sure I read the book first
    • One of the first people in line
    • Do my best to avoid any spoiler
  • Sometimes I daydream that I…

    • Could visit the locations of my favorite movies
    • Meet the character on screen and become her friend
    • Miraculously enter the movie to save the day
    • Become an award winning screenwriter

What do you think?

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