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DIY materials you can pick on your nature stroll

So much cool stuff awaits in nature!

Tiniez Nature Stroll

You might like to hike for fun and fresh air, but did you know that nature also has a ton of really neat DIY materials? Be sure to look for these useful items next time you go out for a walk—you’ll be surprised at what you can do with them!

Sticks and twigs

This might surprise you, but twigs and sticks are awesome materials for DIY crafts. You can glue them to a picture frame to give it a rustic feel, or you can place them in a glass vase for a pretty interior arrangement.


Rocks are all around—and that’s what makes them so great! They’re useful for succulent arrangements and can spruce up frames, furniture, and more. Or you can paint them and create a beautiful paper weight. 


Leaves and ferns

Leaves are easy to find in especially the fall, which makes them useful when it comes to DIY projects. Ferns are also fairly common in wooded areas. You can press either of these into a book to preserve them, or glue them to each page for a unique display. This also works for flowers, which will dry and stay preserved for years!

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