History of Halloween

We love everything about Halloween! Chilly weather, the costumes, trick or treating, spooky decorations, and of course…CANDY!

But do you know how all these traditions started? Halloween dates back 2,000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Festival goers would dress in costumes, light bonfires, and sacrifice their crops in an attempt to keep the ghosts and evil spirits away. It was celebrated the last day of October because the end of summer represented the start of cold, dark, and stormy winters, a setting often associated with death and the end of harvest. The Celts also believed that on the eve of their New Year, or November 1, is when all the ghosts of dead spirits would come back to haunt them. Spooky!

However, it was Irish and English immigrants who are responsible for bringing trick or treating to the United States. Traditionally, they would dress in costumes and travel around asking for food and money. Sound familiar?

There is still so much more to learn about the history of Halloween! What is your favorite Halloween fact?

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