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Three things you can do with your old stuff

(Donate, repurpose, garage sale)

Do you have a lot of old toys, clothes, and other items laying around? It might be time to consider getting rid of some things. But throwing away your old junk is wasteful, since other people might want it. Not to mention, you could earn some money off it!

Instead of heading to the dumpster, here are three ways to get rid of your old stuff.

Donate to charity

There’s always the option to donate your stuff, which helps others. Places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill accept a variety of old things, and will gladly take them off your hands.


If you’ve ever watched DIYs or seen posts on Pinterest, you probably know that it’s possible to take old junk and make it into something new. There are tons of ideas online and on TV for repurposing old things.

Sell your stuff

If you don’t want to donate or repurpose, why not take some time to hold a garage sale? People will give you money for your old stuff, and you’ll be giving them items that they want for a cheap price. It’s a win-win!

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