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How to create your own lemonade stand

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Selling lemonade, especially in those long, hot summer months, can be a great way to make easy money. But how do you go about starting up your own lemonade stand?

Well, before you begin dreaming about all that cash you’re about to make with your lemonade stand, it’s important to start with the basics. You need a winning recipe for your lemonade, which might require some testing. Try different amounts of lemons, sugar, and water to get your perfect recipe—and taste-test it!

Next, start looking for the location for your lemonade stand. Some people live on a busy street and can set their business up right in front of their house. If not, you might need to set up on a street corner, as long as it’s safe and you have some trustworthy adults around.

Now it’s time to design the lemonade stand. The neater and prettier it looks, the more likely people will stop for a cup of your magic recipe. Get creative with signs, and look up ideas online. Be sure to list your prices and make sure you have enough lemonade on hand.

Don’t forget to smile!

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